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As you charge into the new season, it's important to consider what will keep your studio fresh and on the cutting edge of today’s technology. is committed to updating the Studio Team Program with advanced features to heighten the overall studio experience for your staff and dance families. 

The Studio Team Program is like hiring an additional staff to help you handle the various aspects of your dance studio business.

Build a stronger brand and add credibility to your dance studio by certifying your dance assistants through our Studio Team Program.  

Extend the value of your competition pieces by uploading creative versions of your existing choreography to our monthly dance competition, Virtual-Battle and win awesome prizes for your studio business.

FACT: When you extend new customer services to your clients, your clients build a stronger trust with your business. 

Get your entire studio hooked with a program guaranteed to transform passions for dance into lifetimes of SUCCESS.

Get your entire studio hooked up with a program guaranteed to transform passions for dance into lifetimes of SUCCESS.


FREE phone app (iOS and Android)

Sign Up Your Entire Studio

Dancer Certification Course 

Parent Certification Course 

Easy-To-Use Studio Owner Control Panel  

Assign up to 5 Administrators to your account

Free Dance Competition Entries

Assistant Teacher Certification Course (Coming 2021)

Live Monthly Zoom Sessions for Dancers w/ Liz Imperio 

Live Monthly Zoom Sessions for Parents w/ Liz Imperio 

Live Roundtable discussions with Studio Owners from across the nation 

All live sessions are recorded and accessible on the program.

VIP Concierge Service 

Plus, get a welcome package delivered to your Studio with material designed to get your clients engaged.



Building a business is not based on the quantity of clients, it’s the quality of people that come through your doors.
When a new dance parent walks through your door to see if you’re a good fit for their child. Are you wondering if the family is a good fit for your business?
Since there’s no way to pre-determine this, why not jump ahead of the issues before they even begin. Give your clients the right tools to learn how to fit in properly.

FACT: Dance Studios run a higher risk of losing clients when stressed Dance Parents don’t understand the process of a dancer’s journey.


Although dance studios are invested to bring the art of dance alive to each child. You also know that dance has an amazing way of introducing life experiences that transition your dancers into awesome human beings. 

The hard part is being able to give each dancer the personal attention they need during these experiences when there's only one you.

Now imagine having all the answers in a comprehensive and engaging program, available to them whenever they need it. 
Our Dancer Certification Course sets up your dancers for personal success. We give them the essential tools to build their self-worth and a healthy state of mind. 

Give them an accessible outlet they can count on to help answer their personal questions.

Introduce your dancers to an app that is designed to help them shine on stage and in life. 

WE'RE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU has created a personal CONCIERGE SERVICE to specifically serve our Studio Owner VIP MEMBERS. 

You can trust you're always in good hands and our goal is to help you however we can. 

Our team wants to get know you on a personal level. The more we learn about you and your studio, the more we understand how to find your solutions. 

Our knowledge of the Studio Team Program means your answer is just a phone call away. 
Customize the experience
Earn Coins, win coins, or purchase a subscription, then spend those coins in your Reward Center.  Get items such as coaching, master classes, dance challenges, critiques, dance gear, and advanced app features.  There's something for everybody!
Social Media social media platform is just for the dance community.  Share your contest submissions and post your favorite pics, videos, and comments.  Add your friends, and make new ones with members of the nation's dance community.  
Compete by earning Gems....  get active with the Social Media community, vote for your favorite video submissions, watch videos and complete courses to advance your way up the monthly leaderboard and win redeemable coins and become a featured member.
Get Discovered
When your dancers compete in dance challenges, they could win a chance for one-on-one meetings with our Sponsors....  today's top dance talent agencies.   Additional sponsors coming soon... 
You've Never Seen A Phone App Like This. phone application is free to use, but even better with a subscription... 
Only a limited number of seats remain for the Beta launch in October, 2020.

Don't miss your chance to get started with your Studio Team Membership... 
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